The Analysis Of Chang Yuan Chinese National Opera

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The research purposes are: 1) studying the history of Chinese Opera – Chang Yuan; 2) analyzing the sons and performance skills in Chang Yuan. The author has ever conducted researches on the theories about musicology, vocal music performance, and music history and ethnomusicology. The research methods are that through conducting the interview and observation of the concert of Chinese Opera – Chang Yuan, the author collects the relevant data, as well as know the history and state quo of the Chinese Opera - Chang Yuan. The author classifies all data and then conducts the analysis on the stage performance style by comparing the old and new operas.

As for the research results, the Chang Yuan narrates the history of the tribe in Turpan: under the pressure of the Russian emperor, a Mongolian tribe returned to the Mount Tianshan with difficulty. In the original Chinese Opera - Chang Yuan, the process for stage design is complicated and is a classic stage effect. In the new opera, it suits the modern vocal music performance whose stage is simple but gorgeous. In the analysis of the Chang Yuan, the comparison of different performance skills shall be made from the aspects of beat, melody, lyrics, and emotion. It is necessary to adopt the scientific sound to perform vocal music. During the process of the development of Chinese opera, it is necessary to conduct innovation and transformation with remaining the original appearance of the historical story.


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