• Jarupong Chantriya Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University
  • Surapone Virulrak Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University


Performing arts, Dance, Masked dance drama, Classical dance drama, Greek, Helen of Troy


This research study aims to explore the creation of Helen of Troy, a theatrical work that combines a classical Thai drama with a foreign narrative. The work has been created under the concept of the integration of two cultures: Khon masked dance drama of Thailand and Greek mythology.

Based on the analysis of “Thai Dance Drama: Helen of Troy”, Thai classical performing arts shared some similarities with Greek dramas, including the use of masks and the storylines shared by the Helen of Troy and the Ramakien. The Thai dance drama version of Helen of Troy also represented an ideal technique of integrating Greek literature into Thai classical theater in terms of both improving the story with historical content to create a more sensible story and matching the narrative with the performing art form. There were, however, a number of limitations to overcome. As scripts for Khon performances, including narrations and dialogues, have to be written in the form of Thai dramatic poems, the story of Helen of Troy from Greek mythology had to be composed following this exact verse form as well. Music also played a vital part. The selection of melody had to be deliberately conducted by taking the tone and mood of the songs as well as the scene into consideration. This was better than considering only the meaning expressed in the songs. Moreover, costumes and stage should be sensibly designed according to the themes and narratives of the story. Good communication among actors and musicians was also necessary in directing the show; without it actors and musicians may not be able to deliver an effective performance. Also, rehearsal should be done as many times as possible for a perfect performance.


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