• Chakapong Phaetlakfa สาขาวิชาศิลปศึกษา คณะศิลปกรรมศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยศรีนครินทรวิโรฒ


การเรียนรู้, ศิลปศึกษา, Learning, Art education


The learning pass Art and culture is an important learning mechanism of the communities that sprouts up novel knowledge. It is the harmoniously intermingling procedure between learning and knowledge seeking of the people in the communities. The learning pass Art and culture as The Art Education of communities. It often arises under the social conditions and the community cultures. To deeply understand the communities' Art Education learning needs attention to the simultaneous education about the social systems and the commonality civilizations.

The communities in the initial period relied on others in the rural economic-sufficient habitat. The relationships of the people in a community caused the integrative learning and the knowledge contents where intellects were accumulated in conformity with the living ways. The Art wisdom have reflected pass art and craft of communities. After the western-style modernized development of the Thai society with the focus on the economic improvement upon the industrial advancement within the measurement of the new technology and physical build-up, ART Education The learning of the communities have much changed to emphasize the creation of specialized experts in reply to the growing urban communities and industrial expansion. That has made the traditional cultural-based ways of learning and the local intellectuality dated and even been abandoned.

Likewise, the art Education learning has been influenced by the international awareness and thus has altered its educational system in Thailand. The contents of the courses and the learning management of the art education in the past decades have reflected the gradual portion-centric learning and focused on building the specialized experts and technical skills rather than recognizing the artistic and local intuitive values and dimensions. Despite the attempts to push the culturally and natively scholarly elements into the art educational programs, the severity of the capitalism and globalization currents have too high power to resist. That issue has raised a question in Thailand as to how to add the cultural yet globalizational dimensions into the art educational process so as to sustain the gentility and the eggheads of the Thai society amid the rapidly-changing internationally-styled developments.




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