A Study of Benjarong Dhanakosate's Solo Sawdung on Sarathee Sam Chan


  • Chatri Songwatcharaporn Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University
  • Manop Wisuttipat Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University


Benjarong Dhanakosate’s solo Sawdung, Savathee Sam Chan, history creation and teaching


The objectives of this research are to (1) to study the history, creation and teaching of Benjarong Dhanakosate. (2) to study Benjarong Dhanakosate’solo Sawdung on Sarathee Sam Chan.

The results are founded that

1. Kru Benjarong Dhanakosate is a Thai music teacher who has ability to play both Sawdung and Saw-U. Kru Benjarong could solo Sawdung proficiently by studying with Kru Blai Wannakhaejorn and Kru Blang Wannakhaejorn. Besides these, Kru Benjarong is expert in playing and singing the song for puppetry performance. Kru Benjarong has transferred the skills about how to play Sawdung and Saw-U and taught the foundation for students in various educational institutions without hiding her knowledge Kru Benjarong is honored as a national artist at the field of performance arts (Thai music) in 1998.

2. Sarathee Sam Chan is the kind of Prob kai song. Sarathee Sam Chan has three sections, section 1 has 4 Na Tub rhythm, section 2 has 4 Na Tub rhythm and section 3 has 5 Na Tub rhythm. There is the similarity of melody in the end of section 2 and section 3. Sarathee Sam Chan has the various melodic forms and scales of the song consist of Fa scale, Do scale and Te scale. The relation of the ending tone in main melody and solo melody is mostly related to each other. Moreover, there are various solo technics of Sawdung used in Sarathee Sam Chan.




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