A Study of Suwit Bawonwattana's Solo Organ on Khaek-Mon Sam Chan


  • Wandee Puttakunraksa Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University
  • Manop Wisuttipat Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University


Suwit Bawonwattana’s solo organ, Khaek-Mon Sam Chan, biography


A study on solo organ Khaek-Mon Sam Chan by Master Suwit Bawonwattana has the objective ofstudying the background of string instrument concurrently with the organ mixed musical ensemble ofVacharabanleng Ensemble, as well as the biography of Master Suwit Bawonwattana and analysis of hissolo organ music along with string instrument ensemble called Vacharabanleng Ensemble (formerly“Techasenee Ensemble”). During the World War II, the string musical instrument synchronized withorgan ensemble called Techasenee was organized and run by Master Juar Seniwongse Na Ayudhaya,who is the first ensemble supporter during the time from A.D. 1954 - 1957, the following supporter isKhun Suwit Bawonwattana who managed the ensemble during the year of 1957- 1999, and the nextsuccessor is Khun Yubha Vacharanak, who subsequently changed the musical ensemble from Techasenito Vacharabanleng.

The biography of Master Suwit Bawonwattana is that he was born from a family with the father whowas an ardent musician in string musical instrument, a well-trained in Saw-duang (treble fiddle) andviolin. Khun Suwit has inherited the musical talent from his father, he was interested in music since theage of 7, he was trained to play treble fiddle by Master Pew and at the age of 11, he was trained to playKhim (Chinese cembalo) by Master Prom and when at teenage he was trained by Master Phut Nanathapholto play Khim solo for the song of Lao Pan, Phya Soke, Nok Khamin, Saradhi and so on. Khun Suwit wasalso accepted by the great Thai musical master, Phya Prasan Duriyasap, the Chief of Musical Departmentunder the King Rama VI reign. He has also trained on Saw Ou (alto fiddle) by Master LuangPhailoa Siang Saw, trained on Saw Sam Sai (three-string fiddle) by Master Devaprasit Pathayakosol,trained on organ by Master Juar Seniwong Na Ayudhaya. Master Devaprasit was the successor chief ofthe Thai musical band Techaseni following Master Juar Senewong Na Ayudhaya.

In regard of the solo organ for Khaek Mon song, it needs to play organ musical instrument by flickingand striking organ, there is also other technique that the player should practice to play with eight tonemovement in concurrent with using the feet to produce sound through the organ valve. Playing musicalorgan with the eight tone movement is one of the technique, there are other tactics such as flicking,striking for example, which is lesser used than the eight tone movement, particularly for those whowants to use these techniques must be good at music lingering, one of frequently used tactic of playingmusical organ.




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