Parent and Teacher Partnership in Supporting Children Musical Learning


  • Chalinee Suriyonplengsaeng College of Music, Mahidol University, Nakhonpathom
  • Somchai Trakarnrung College of Music, Mahidol University, Nakhonpathom


partnership, parent partnership, parent and music teacher partnership, children musicallearning, supporting children musical learning


The purpose of this study is to determine a better understanding of how parents and music teachershave participated in partnership as well as to analyze which factors influence parents and music teachers in order to develop partnership to support the children musical learning. More specifically, this studywill create suitable information for parents and music teachers to cooperate the partnership which supportthe children musical learning.

Data collection will rely on survey and interview methodology to investigate participation of parentsand music teachers’ partnership at Yamaha Petkasem music school. There are 287 parents. After survey,researcher will select 20% of parents for interview. There are 20 parents and 20 music teachers who areproper for interview portion. The document analysis portions of this study include survey and interview.The quantitative results revealed that parent and teacher partnership in supporting children musical learning was moderate level. Regarding each partnership: parenting was at high level while communicating,learning at home and decision making were moderate level. The qualitative results which reveal frominterview. All parents and music teachers cooperate with each other by exchanging their opinions about children music learning either before class or after class. Due to the advantage of face-to-face, all ofparents and music teachers thought that it is the best way to communicate because they are able to observe the countenance during the conversation. Most of interviewees mentioned that immediate communicationwas the complete communication. The main topic that parents and music teachers communicate with each other is not only children musical learning, but also musical progress in a week and in along term. They discussed about the development of musical learning in each child, music examinationsas well as individual musical skills which include listening, singing, playing, reading notes and creating music, characteristic and personality. Factors that influence parents and music teachers to develop partnershipto support the children musical learning are parents and music teachers’ attitude and all of the organization and people that involved with children’s musical learning: parent, music teacher, children, administer of music school.




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