Pramothai Musical Theatre


  • Nattanit Nakpee College of Music, Mahidol University, Nakhonpathom
  • Poonpit Amatyakul College of Music, Mahidol University, Nakhonpathom


Pramothai Musical Theatre, history, personnel and components


This research titled “Pramothai Musical Theatre” is part of Doctor of Philosophy Program in Music, Mahidol University. The researcher used the methodology of qualitative research to study the history of Pramothai Musical Theatre. The objectives of this research are to study the establishment of Pramothai Musical Theatre, its important personnel and components of Pramothai Musical Theatre.

The research revealed that Pramothai Musical Theatre was established in 1911 by Phra Sophon Aksonkit (Lek Samitasiri). He established his own theatre situated in a commercial building in the south of Charoen Krung Road in order to organize the performance of musical theatre which used the plays composed by many poets. The style of Pramothai Musical Theatre was made interesting by several additional components, namely, international dances during interlude dance show, the jokers who always followed the main characters and the Chinese operas which were developed into the style of Thai musical theatre with Thai lyrics. The important actresses were Mae Bunnak, Mae Chawee and Mae Chamoi.

From the research, there were two important personnel of Pramothai Musical Theatre. The first person was Phra Sophon Aksonkit who was the owner of Pramothai Musical Theatre and who played an important role in developing musical theatre into an interesting and unique performance. The second person was Chamoi Khangkharat (Mae Chamoi) who was a significant actress of Pramothai Musical Theatre. Mae Chamoi was so skillful in performing musical theatre that she was praised as the best performer in Thai-style Chinese opera.

There were six essential components of Pramothai Musical Theatre: theatrical play, performer, theatre, scenery, musical ensemble, and song.




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