Thai Music Master's Wisdom: A Case Study of Sub.Lt Suwit Kaewkramol


  • Phantamanat Phuritorn Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University
  • Kanchana Intarasunanont Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University


Thai music master’s wisdom, Suwit Kaewkramol, ethnomusicology


The research on Thai music master’s wisdom : a case study of Suwit Kaewkramol is a qualitative research in the field of Ethnomusicology was conducted on a biography studies of Suwit Kaewkramol and his wisdom in Thai music.

The literature reviewed on related documents, and interviewing with Suwit Kaewkramol, revealed that Suwit Kaewkramol (former name Saing Kaewkramol) was born on March 13, 1936 at Banri District in the province of Angthong. A first child of Mr. Ake and Mrs. Suan Kaewkramol, he finished 7 grade at Watbanit School of Angthong, and graduated in 1948 at Chang maiy school. He married Mrs. Jaew Sukkati in 1958 with 4 children. Suwit had worked as instructors in many educational institutions for example, Kasetsart University, Phanakhon Rajabhat University and Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Suwit received an honorary degree in graduate education from Phanakhon Rajabhat University. He passed away on 26 August 2013. Suwit is talented in music and Instrument manufacture boxes. Suwit had learned from talented teachers namely Ake Kaewkramol, Muen Tantrikarnjanejit (Sai Sasipalin), Teab Konglaythong, Chaleam Buatang, Prayong Rammavong, and obtained musical knowledge from Lieutenant Sudsawang Setsud and Capt Pinyo Pengsamruay.

The study on his Thai music wisdom resulted in the Traditional wisdom: A collection of notation of Suwit Kaewkramol has been done by gathering and recording, especially those which have been transmitted from Kru Ake Kaewkramol, Muen Tantrikarnjanejit (Sai Sasipalin), Teab Konglaythong and Chaleam Buatang.

Instrument manufacture boxes made of plywood. The box is in rectangle shape related to the size of the instrument. The outer box is covered with artificial-leather while inner of the box is laid with foam, then covered with velvet.

Basic principles taught in pipe blowing by Suwit Kaewkramol were man to man demonstration. Students had to start first lesson on how to use fingers on piping scores. The first song used for the lesson is Thaloom-Pong nueng chan song.


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