• Rinboon Nuchnomboon Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University


Costume, Thai Film, Suriyothai, Ayudhaya period


The purpose of the research is to study Theatre costume : A case study of costume in thai film “Suriyothai” aimes to study every elements of costumes in term of the designing process which include the hairstyles, jewelry, methods of dressing in the traditional way also the selection of textiles and color scheme.

The result of this research conclude in 71 costumes, the majority shows the coherent with historical evident in the style of Ayudhaya period as seen in mural paintings and sculptures. Still, few details of some hairstyle point out The Lanna style influence, most of the hairdo have been disproportions and solidly constructed than nature.

Jewelries designs have direct influences in form and structure from Buddha image Ayudhaya period style, enhance the characteristics with gold and precious stones. In the motifs design of jewelries, found a free inspiration of Ayudhaya period style mix up with artists own imagination to serve as a jewelries motifs especially design for the film. Also, the amount of ready-made Indian jewelries are used with others jewelries in mix and match only to create the aspect the costumes images without historical fact concerned.

In methods of dressing, even the way of how to dress in traditional style is highly respect but in some points the misunderstanding of the construction, patterns, ideals and esthetics of historical costumes reflect in evident. There are also new creation of costumes styles along with traditional way of dressing.

The selection of textiles base on images of costumes created to corresponds with characters in term of hierarchy. Characters in high class associated with silk and brocade, mostly in golden scheme or glittering looks, sometimes decorated with gold tread. While characters in low class associated with cotton or some matt textiles. But the largely part of textiles have been chosen to create the beauty in character presentation. By the way, there are groups of textiles with motifs newly created from historical research.

The selection of color scheme practice the creation method base on art aspect, such as color and esthetics in film production, to producing mood and tone which can reflect the characters. Anyway, in designing process still lacks of an important parts which present the traditional believes in colors.

The Lanna style costumes in the films also shows the coherent with historical evident in hairstyles, jewelries, the way of dressing, the selection of textiles and colors scheme combine with an imaginary creation.




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