Visual Art for Life’s sake : Constructing Identities of Esan Artists


  • Natdhnond Sippaphakul Faculty of Art & Industrial Design, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, Nakorn Ratchasima
  • Wiroon Tangjarern Srinakharinwirot University
  • Amnard Yensabye Srinakharinwirot University
  • Prit Supasetsiri Srinakharinwirot University


Visual art for life’s sake, Constructing, identity, Esan artists


This study research is a qualitative research with the following objectives; 1) To study the process of constructing identities of Northeastern or Esan artists through their works of visual arts for life’s sake. This deals with Esan localization, nation state and globalization which influence the process of constructing identities of Esan artists. 2) To study the interaction of individual artist and groups of artists who made influence on the process of constructing identities of Esan artists. The result reveals 3 points that influence the process. They are as follows;

The first point is “Esan Localization”. It is found that being a unique artist with an identity is constructed by social process. This means being Esan region has mixed up with modern technique methods provided.

The second point is “Thai Nation State” which contains 2 factors. The first factor is educational institute. It is found that the uniqueness of most Esan artists is mostly constructed by “social process of linking interaction”. As we can see the phenomenon of ideal imitation “arts for life” by Tawee Rajaneekorn who is the master. This transfers the process and it inherits identities to students. Then it becomes “visual art for life’s sake of Korat school”. The second factor concerns with politics, society and environment. It is noted that the visual art for lives of the Esan artists apparently appeared during the political crisis period of 14 October 1973 and 6 October 1976. Soon after the political situation was calm down, the uniqueness changed according to the society and environment.

The third point is “Globalization”. It is obvious that Esan artists have developed themselves along the movement of globalization trends. They have interaction with some groups of artists in outer location, in Bangkok and overseas. They have a purpose to promote themselves to be known in the area of post-modern arts in wider areas.




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