An Analytical Study of Western Dance in Television Programs of Channel 7


  • Surin Medhanee Srinakharinwirot University


The Western Dance, Television Programs, Channel 7


This research is an analysis of Western dance studied from Thai television programs of channel 7, with the aim to study format and principal in the art of Choreography used in television programs. The study and the analysis are focused on five television shows on the producer television programs, groups of choreographers, groups of the expertise teaching dance programs and groups of dancers. The study reveals that the desirable characteristics are 1. Pop dance style 2. Choreograph Process controlled by Choreographer. 3. Mix and match costume as Elements of production; Thai Pop song music style; un popular props in the process; scenery as standard form, collective style of make-up and hair dressing; more than 3-function technical used to make variety of shootings. 4. Choreography process limited by time and budget issue as point of view of choreographers; the process of work limited by time and skills as point of view of dancers. Finally, it reveals that the precious value of the genre as a short performance is to support the television program for a better performance.


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