The Research and Development on Window Display for Global Warming Campaign in Department Stores


  • Suthaksa Boonchote Srinakharinwirot University


Form, Display, Campaign, Global Warming, Department Store


The Research and Development on Window Display for Global Warming Campaign in Department Stores aims to persuade people to conserve nature and environment, and realize the value of environment. The research was inspired by the king speech as to “nature and environment is destroyed by human, we have to protect and preserve nature and environment as the way they were in order to have the same future.” It was the beginning of the study. The study began with using the King’s speech as a guideline of design mixing with pattern resulting beauty on the theme of Global warming from present disaster, both inside and outside the country through window display exhibitions in order to persuade people to realize about global warming. Second, the researcher collected information through questionnaire concerning attitude and opinion on how to coordinate in preserving environment, reuse and recycle through reducing cost, product material, and waste burning which cause greenhouse effect and environmental disaster.

Questionnaire was administered and it was found that most of the respondents were 60% female; 40% married; 55.34% graduated with an undergraduate degree and 28% with master degree. The respondents’ perception varied. 26.67% of the respondents saw the window display creative and modern in design, 30% think it was attractive, product and arrival presentation 26.67%, attractive 30%, product and arrival presentation 26.67%, making more interest in global warming propaganda 62%, warming propaganda 62% whereas the most was 30%, display pattern according the global Warming as to love nature and do not destroy it. Environment 40.38% and global warming resulted by human 4.30%. The respondents were most satisfied the window display of the Paragon Department Store 3.91% and the Central 3.83 %, respectively.

In addition, it was found that window display pattern as global warming helped people realize the importance of nature. The product display also played important role on image of global warming in the department stores resulting in summer product sale. Window display acted as salesman to persuade customers to buy the products and, thus becomes success of the business department.

Marketing was a discipline related to customers need, and then window display could be utilized as a tool to develop environment. Communication arts was an art of communication idea to the audience aiming at arrival product presentation and innovative design through written medias and symbols or physical language whereas commercial art was making knowledge concerning on how to present beautiful foremost products. It was a mixed design of modern business in order to meet with business demand, sale circulation and business success as well.

Thus the researcher mixed marketing communication art and commercial art together as an advertising art and was inspired by nature through marking window display presentation as toglobal warming in the department stores.




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