Female Accessories Industry: A Case Study of Rubber Use


  • Thananjit Thammarak Srinakharinwirot University


Jewelry, Rubber, Jewelry Industry, Soldering, The investment-like production


The success in sale of accessories depends on economics. However, the main problem of accessories industry is that it mostly relies on precious stone and metal which are limited natural materials. Thus, the costly selling price results in low sale performance. Most people prefer inexpensive accessories made of other materials with beautiful design. This contributes another channel for accessories industry with rubber instead of other natural materials and it results in lower selling price of female accessories as well.

The researcher develops evaluation form for analyzing and designing these kinds of female accessories with rubber use through documents and field study by questionnaire and document report. The results reveal that the patterns are mostly used include graphic, natural and cultural pattern, respectively, which are sufficient to be used as female accessories. In case of the appropriateness of its design with rubber, the researcher selects rubber as material because it is flexible and endurable from heat and sunlight. The piece made and the technique mostly used include molding, joining, embedding, ring affixing, design engraving, gluing, inner hollow, and sand-spraying respectively. Molding and gluing technique used in order to stick rubber with silver are most popular used whereas the least one is mixing into one piece of accessory work. The researcher uses curve ring as a joint making gentle because this kind of technique is a curving graphic resulting in comfortable, changing and flowing condition which is harmonized to direction change and neutral feeling and could be mixed with any other designs. The analysis finds that accessory design is in accordance with piece mixing and technique. When these are brought together with various shapes, such as graphic, natural, and cultural pattern, they can be in accordance with accessory making. Then the prototypes are developed and adjusted through survey of females aged 25-30 years old and 25 accessory pieces are selected by experts. Thus, the accessories made of rubber should start with studying information of rubber’s property and kind of accessory, including evaluation and problem solving during theory and practice study in order to design the accessories made of rubber with beautiful and innovative look.




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