Technical Teaching for Violin of Associate Professor Dr. Kovit Kantasiri.


  • Prapansak Pumin Srinakharinwirot University


Violin Teaching, Violin Techniques, Music Education


The purpose of this research was to study the Associate professor Dr. Kovit Kantasiri’s violin teaching technique. This research was the qualitative research that the researchers interviewed and observed from Associate professor Dr. Kovit Kantasiri. According to the research, Associate professor Dr.Kovit techniques can be classified into 2 issues.

1. Associate professor Dr. Kovit used the child center method and chose the textbook which was suitable for each student. His teaching technique process was presentation, instruction, teaching conclusion and evaluation.

2. Associate professor Dr. Kovit taught his student to be proficient in Musical Intelligent. The student can use their Musicianship to test their violin technique in each topic that can be classified in 4 issues.

2.1 Technique of the left and right hand.

2.2 Tone Production and Pitch.

2.3 Musical and Style.

2.4 Combining the Musical Intelligent in high level.

According to the result of the research, Associate professor Dr. Kovit emphasize in ears training along with playing the instrument. The musician should be expert at music and can explain the music phenomenon. Knowing the music, the way he taught can help the student to develop their ability. Due to this, the Associate professor Dr. Kovit’s methods have a great profit to develop teaching process in Thailand.




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