The Knowledge of National Artist: Mr. Chiras Ardnarong


  • Manop Wisuttipat Department of Music Education, Faculty of Fine Arts, Srinakharinwirot University


Chiras Ardnarong, National Artistin Performing art (Thai music) 2002


This research is about the knowledge of national artist, Mr. ChirasArdnarong. This knowledge is stored by the Office of National Culture. The knowledge and Thai classical music works of Mr. ChirasArdnarongare invaluable and are stored to contribute to and propeleducation about Thai culture in the Thai classical music society and also to propagate Thai culture to the public and to disseminate it internationally.The objectives of this research are as follows

1. To study the history and works of classical Thai musician Mr. ChirasArdnarong.

2. To synthesize the knowledge of classical Thai musician Mr. ChirasArdnarong.

3. To disseminate the knowledge of classical Thai musician Mr. ChirasArdnarong.

From the research it was found that Mr. ChirasArdnarongwas bornon 16thNovember 1931 at the home of his father inBang ChangSub-district,Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand. Now,Mr.ChirasArdnaronglives at 1056/6 Soi Sut Sakhon, Phran Nok Road, Ban Chang Lo, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok, Thailand.He was born into a Thai classical music family and spent time with their band,which is a reason for his musical talent. Mr. ChirasArdnarong’sknowledge of music extends to the knowledge of songs, the knowledge of practice, the knowledge of adoption and the knowledge of integration (Theory of knowledge). The researchers have published research work as a book to send to the Office of the National Cultural Commission that can be studied and used as a reference. Theyalso helda seminar about the academic knowledge ofMr.ChirasArdnarongin December 2009, which is another way to disseminate the knowledge ofMr.ChirasArdnarong.

Mr. ChirasArdnarong is a knowledgeable personin Thai classical music and the manyinner workings of Thai classical music such as in practice, in administration, and in composition (Music). He also transmits and continues the knowledge of Thai classical music to young people and those who are interested in Thailand. As well as this, he createsgreat works of Thai classical music.


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