Legal problems on information technology management Justice Process


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Legal problems, information technology management, Justice Process


The aim of this thesis is study the legal issues about information technology management. According to the National Institute of Justice Development Act, 2006, and the Guidelines for the Filing of Information Technology for the Republic of Korea and the United States of America. Include analysis of legal problems and obstacles, and find guidelines for measures to manage information technology. The National Justice Administration Development Act, 2006, is designed to provide the justice work needed to create order in society. Both in terms of prevention and resolution of crime. Protection of public safety and Protection of the rights and freedoms of the people who is evolving, but since the present bodies involved in the justice process have several divisions and separate powers and duties. The state needs to develop the administration of justice for each agency to integrate and link information. The result is convenient, fast and beneficial to the people. According to the National Institute of Justice Development Administration Act 2006, there are restrictions on certain laws in the absence of central bodies for data collection,analysis, report results and publish. There is no set criteria for how each agency collects data into the Central Information Technology (IT) database. The justice process does not develop. For this reason, the researcher should improve the 2006 National Justice Development Act.




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