Legal Problem Patents Product Design : A case Study of Ban Mueang Pottery,Khwae Sub-District, Muang District Maha Sarskham Province


  • athimet amornsumritchot Faculty of Law at MahaSarakham University


Patent Product design, Pottery, Novelty


The Patent Act B.E. 2522 stipulates the protection of product design patents in Chapter 3 : Product Design Patents under Section 56 and 5 , Ban Mo Pottery, which is a work that can be requested for protection under the said law.Because the work is a community handicraft designed for people in the community.Use pottery designs as well Create pottery for people in the community.In order to be sold as a livelihood to support the family.Pottery works in the community therefore have production forms, both old and in the past and developing into a new type of print out in various formats. According to the study, it is found that the protection of pottery when considering according to the patent for product design law under Article 56 and 57, there are rules, legal conditions, newness and industrial production that makes Ban Mo pottery work unable to be protected under the said law. That is to say,the design of a product that is protected by law must be a new product design protection for the industry or large craft only. There was a problem in obtaining protection for pottery work which is an industry in the community in accordance with the patent law in product design which is a problem in obtaining protection.Therefore,this research aims to find legal guidelines and measures for the protection of pottery works. By studying the Patent Act 2522 in order to be effective protection.


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