ASEAN Framework Agreement on Traditional Knowledge Protection


  • Vivit Vongthip 89/419 Moo 5, Bangtanai, Pakret, Nonthaburi 11120


Traditional Knowledge, ASEAN Framework Agreement on Traditional Knowledge Protection, The Regional Level of Traditional Knowledge Protection


According to the ASEAN Economics Community (AEC) Strategy, Traditional Knowledge (TK) is significant role for ASEAN community which supports Intellectual Property system of ASEAN community. It is necessary for all ASEAN member countries which are the sources of TK develop the measure of protection through Intellectual Property Rights Action Plan 2016-2025. This study suggests the result dealing with regional level for TK protection in ASEAN community. The researcher will illustrate the related concepts and theories, and the previous studies as follows: The definition, the characteristics, and the distinct areas of TK and the current international law mechanisms. The TK protections of the ASEAN countries will be compared to find the significance of legal aspects in TK measures that are reflect variedly according to the different political systems.  Furthermore, the analysis of the TK protection of ASEAN countries will also be compared with the current specific laws of regional TK protections which have been promulgated among European and African countries. The results of the comparisons will be synthesized to generate the agreement that is most suitable to further enact the most practical TK laws for ASEAN. 




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