The Problem and Struggle of Teaching on Legal Philosophy in Thailand


  • Duangden Nakseeharach Faculty of Law Mahasarakham University


learning and teaching, legal philosophy, problem and struggle


Legal philosophy or philosophy of law plays a critical role in teaching and learning law of the law students. Because it introduces them to understand the meanings of law and justice, how to access and realize the value of law and justice. However, teaching and learning legal philosophy in Thailand still has problems and struggles due to its complexity and abstraction. Moreover, the mentioned teaching and learning only focuses on legal theory, schools of legal thoughts and historical backgrounds of the legal philosophers related to law and justice chronologically but lacks of how to digest and apply critical thinking and legal criticism of law students in practice. Thus, to reach the real goal of teaching legal philosophy, it should find out the appropriate guideline to be able to link between legal theory and legal practice to access to justice and solve the problem of injustice and inequality in Thai society.


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