Legal for Conservation and wise use of wetland in Thailand


  • จรีรัตน์ สร้อยเสริมทรัพย์ Huachiew Chalermprakiet University


             The purpose of this article is to study the legal problems on conservation and

utilization and the effective management of wetlands in Thailand. The study also related laws and issues concerning the problem management policies and organizations, laws and public participations of country. The study compares and analyzes these related Ramsar Convention and relevant theories. Based on the study, it is found that the problems in wetland management in Thailand in the past are;1. Problems of unclear wetland policy and management plans are problems of wetland resources policy and planning in Thailand. 2.Concern about inconsistency of legal content and principles in accordance with the Ramsar Convention 3. The problem of Organizational structure. 4.The problem of shortage of public participation in the conservation and utilization of wetlands. This article suggests law for improving and developing the legal of Thailand. The measures for the conservation and wise use and used to Guidelines for implementation of the wetland in Thailand.

This study would suggest that 1. Owing to a recommendation relating to any policies, the government should establish a master plan about wetland management and wetland action plan in order to administrative plan for wetlands throughout the country 2. As recommendations for an organization, the state should improve the structure of wetland management, establishment of wetland management organizations at the provincial level working in collaboration with the Provincial Watershed Management Committee to be responsible for centralizing any local policies, establishing a wetland management sub-committee for specific wetland areas at the local level or community wetland committee 3. With respect to legal advice, the government should enact the subsidiary legislation or local ordinances for conservation and use of wetlands based on principles subject to the Convention on wetland, and 4. For suggestions for public participation, the government should set up a mechanism for wetland management based on community participation in planning, management and monitoring of wetland changes.




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