Legal Problems related to government mobilize in Infrastructure fund in Thailand : a comparative study of Republic of India


  • Worawimol Chantarathong Faculty of Law at Thammasat University


Infrastructure , Fund Alternative Finance, Fiscal Discipline


            Infrastructure development is vital to national economic development. However, due to the development  of public infrastructure, a lot of capital is needed, and the fiscal burden. The government has the idea of providing alternative sources of financing. This increases the role of private sector finance in government infrastructure. By mobilizing in the capital market through the form of infrastructure funds. So anyhow, applying for private sector funding to fund government funding continues to cause legal problems, because of the inconsistency between the investment context. The private sector and the law on the fiscal system of the government. The management of finance, the public finance, the finance and property of the government, for example the Budgetary Law, the State Financial and Fiscal Discipline Act. etc. This article explores the ways in which infrastructure financing and funds are raised through government infrastructure funds in the Republic of India. This is a country that maintains a balance between supporting private sector funding sources in the infrastructure and alternative fiscal rule for alternative finance. This may be used as a guideline for solving legal problems in funding through Thailand's public infrastructure funds.


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