Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (APST)

The Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (APST), formerly known as the KKU Research Journal, is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Research and Technology Transfer Affairs Division of Khon Kaen University. The journal's title was changed in order to attract more international readers and authors.

The journal accepts English-language manuscripts of original research and review articles which have never been published elsewhere. The main focus of the journal is to publish work that leads to creative practical applications, environment preservation, and human well-being. Research areas covered by the journal include engineering science, technology, agricultural science, and health science. Manuscripts reporting on research that integrates any of the aforementioned fields are especially encouraged. Our core interest is in the use of engineering, scientific, and technological knowledge to assist, co-operate with, and enhance other fields, such as health and agricultural science, in order to improve human well-being. We particularly welcome research that integrates various fields, including plant science and pharmaceutical science or plant science, agricultural engineering, automatic control, and energy technology.

The journal employs a double-blind review process, in which authors and reviewers are anonymous to each other throughout the process. 

Journal Abbreviation: Asia Pac J Sci Technol
Online ISSN: 2539-6293
Start Year: 1996
Language: English
Publication Fee: Free
Issues per Year: 4 Issues


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Vol. 26 No. 03 (2021): JUL-SEP (TSB-2020)


Vol. 26 No. 04 (2021): OCT-DEC

Published: 2021-07-01

Development of a geopolymer made from bagasse ash for use as a cementitious material

Songrit Puttala, Warit Hiranphattararoj, Sahalaph Homwuttiwong

APST-26-04-01 (10 pages)

Prevalence and risk factors of proteinuria in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Boonyong Jeerasuwannakul, Bundit Sawunyavisuth, Sittichai Khamsai, Kittisak Sawanyawisuth

APST-26-04-02 (5 pages)

Improving properties of modified silica by admicellar polymerization technique for inner rubber tube products

Thamchoto Prajaksood, Thirawudh Pongprayoon, Komkrit Pitiruek

APST-26-04-03 (8 pages)

The synthesis of triamine-bearing porous silica for the effective adsorption of nitrate and phosphate ions

Phuoc T. Phan, Thai A. Nguyen, Nhat H. Nguyen, Long G. Bach, Phuoc S. Le, Trung T. Nguyen

APST-26-04-05 (11 pages)

Proportion of occupational progressive fibrosing interstitial lung disease in the tertiary hospitals of Thailand

Chokan Rittidet, Naesinee Chaiear, Panaya Tumsatan, Pornanan Domthong, Warawut Sukkasem, Peter S. Burge

APST-26-04-07 (9 pages)

Ethanol and beta-glucan production from an economically feasible medium prepared from paper napkin hydrolysate

Raksmey Thin, Atiya Techaparin, Preekamol Klanrit, Poramaporn Klanrit, Jirawan Apiraksakorn

APST-26-04-10 (8 pages)

Volatility linkages among the returns of oil, gold, and stock market: Evidence from Thailand

Parichat Sinlapates, Nattawadee Romklang, Surachai Chancharat

APST-26-04-11 (9 pages)

Developing a web application to provide information on common work-related asthma causative agents

Nut Sangjumrus, Naesinee Chaiear, Kanda Saikaew, Apichart So-ngern, Peter S. Burge

APST-26-04-13 (11 pages)

Stimulation of beta-glucan production from Saccharomyces carlsbergensis RU01 by tannin

Natthaporn Chotigavin, Surachai Yaiyen, Sanya Kudan, Wiramsri Sriphochanart

APST-26-04-14 (9 pages)

Risk assessment of inhalation exposure to formaldehyde among workers in medical laboratories

Sunisa Chaiklieng, Umakorn Tongsantia, Herman N. Autrup

APST-26-04-15 (8 pages)

Characteristics and antioxidant activity of royal lotus pollen, butterfly pea flower, and oolong tea kombucha beverages

Narathip Wongthai, Wanlapa Tanticharakunsiri, Supachoke Mangmool, Duangjai Ochaikul

APST-26-04-17 (11 pages)

Antioxidant, toxic and cytotoxic activities of Butea superba Roxb

Piyanut Khanema, Jinnawat Manasathien

APST-26-04-18 (12 pages)

Updates on core stabilization exercise and strengthening exercise: A review article

Su Su Hlaing, Rungthip Puntumetakul, Sawitri Wanpen, Pongsatorn Saiklang

APST-26-04-12 (10 pages)

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