The effects of garlic, banana, and onion as prebiotic supplementation on growth performances, feed utilization, and survival rate of Anabas testudineus

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Tipsukhon Pimpimol
Rungkan Klahan
Chanagun Chitmanat


The aim of this research was to investigate the influences of local plants as prebiotic supplementary feeds on growth performances, feed utilization, and survival of climbing perch (Anabas testudineus). Economics of feeding in terms of the cost and return of climbing perch culture was also investigated. Three plants including garlic, banana, and onion at 20 g/kg feed were added to the feed and compared with a basal diet (control). The average initial weight of climbing perch was 5.47 – 5.51 g/fish. The research was carried out for 150 days. The results that showed there were no significant differences in the effects of chosen local plant supplementation on growth performances (p>0.05). However, fish fed with banana powder supplementation displayed significantly higher in feed utilization and survival rates (p<0.05) than other groups. The percentage of edible flesh was inversely proportional to protein in fish flesh. Results showed that control fish groups had the highest edible flesh (p<0.05) but lowest in protein in fish flesh. On the other hand, climbing perch fed with banana and onion feed additives had lower percentage of edible flesh, but higher percentages of protein in edible flesh. In summary, local plant additive feeds were not able to improve growth performances. However, a banana powder supplementary diet possibly enhances fish immunity and improves fish health leading to a higher survival rate which is able to provide a better return investment and higher protein in fish flesh.


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