Published: 2018-09-24

Effect of density and surface finishing on sound absorption of oil palm frond

Nanthicha Bubparenu, Nikhom Laemsak, Ratchapak Chitaree, Tanasri Sihabut

APST-23-04-02(7 pages)

Monitoring of pesticide residues in domestic vegetables in Thailand during 2015

Jitpaka Suntudrob, Wischada Jongmevasna, Thongsuk Payanan, Rattiyakorn Srikote, Weerawut Wittayanan

APST-23-04-03(8 pages)

Effects of organic coconut flower syrup on glucose and insulin responses and substrate utilization

Naruemon Leelayuwat, Benja Saelim, Yupaporn Kanpettha, Ploypailin Aneknan, Terdthai Tong-UN

APST-23-04-05(6 pages)

Cadaveric and angiographic studies of superior thyroid artery: anatomical variations in origin and distance to carotid bifurcation.

Pattama Amarttayakong, Worawut Woraputtaporn, Waranon Munkong, Sukrit Sangkhano

APST-23-04-07(7 pages)

Batch butanol fermentation from sugarcane molasses integrated with a gas stripping system: Effects of sparger types and gas flow rates

Thanawat Thanapornsin, Patthranit Sanchanda, Lakkana Laopaiboon, Pattana Laopaiboon

APST-23-04-08(12 pages)