Published: 2017-10-02

An accident prevention model: Case study of a small-scale wood workshop in a developing country

Ozichukwu Osakwe, Ukemeobong Etokowo Owoh, Sunday Ayoola Oke

APST-22-03-01 (18 pages)

Efficiency of an alternative double cut tapping system to improve latex productivity of rubber tree clone RRIT251 in marginal areas of Thailand

Sophea Nhean, Supat Isarangkool Na Ayutthaya, Patcharin Songsrn, Santimaitree Gonkhamdee, Sayan Sdoodee

APST-22-03-02 (6 pages)

Phytochemistry and bioactive compounds from Garcinia cowa roxb.

Ngampuk Tayana, Siripat Suteerapataranon, Suwanna Deachathai

APST-22-03-03 (8 pages)

Selection of bioinoculants for tomato growth enhancement and pathogen resistance

Kedsukon Maneewan, Nittaya Khonsarn

APST-22-03-04 (7 pages)

Manual wheelchair longevity and related factors among spinal cord lesion patients

Panya Ngamwongsa-nguan, Preeda Arayawichanon, Nuttaset Manimmanakorn

APST-22-03-05 (6 pages)

The even door problem

Yuttana Ratibenyakool, Anocha Masiri, Thitiya Ngamkhiew, Nahathai Rerkruthairat

APST-22-03-06 (5 pages)

Anomaly detection in a crowded scene using an interaction force model

Chonthisa Wateosot, Nikom Suvonvorn

APST-22-03-07 (8 pages)