Peer Review Process

Creative Business and Sustainability Journal (CBSJ) is a double-blinded and peer-reviewed journal. Any manuscript will be reviewed by the editorial board and at least three experts in the related field. The review process will be as follows:

  1. After receiving the full manuscript, the editorial board will inform the author(s) of its receipt.
  2. The editorial board will examine the topic and contents of the manuscript for its appropriateness, originality, significance, contribution, and ethical dilemma in accordance with aim and scope, and the objectives of the journal.
  3. The manuscript will then be sent to the three reviewers. The information about the author(s) will not be disclosed to the reviewers and vice versa.
  4. After the review process is completed, the editorial board will make decisions in accordance with the evaluation results made by the reviewers, whether the manuscript should be published, or revised and resubmitted, or rejected.

Please note that the Editorial Team has the right to decide in which issue the accepted manuscripts will be published. The decision is made depending upon the distribution of the manuscript topic, as well as affiliation and the country of the author(s). The Letter of Acceptance issued will not provide the date and issue of publication.