Airport Technical Efficiency Assessment by Using Data Envelopment Analysis Models


  • Thanavutd Chutiphongdech Srinakharinwirot University
  • Rugphong Vongsaroj National Institute of Development Administration


Data Envelopment Analysis Models, Technical Efficiency, Airports


Deregulation causing the growth in demand for air transport has impacted on the shift of airport governmental policy in most countries around the world. It includes not only the infrastructure development, service quality improvement but also airport strategic planning relating to efficiency enhancement. For the past decades, literature relevant to airport efficiency development and assessment has greatly gained the academic attention specifically on the Data Envelopment Analysis Models. These models have taken a large part in the studies due to their advantages over other measurement methods on input data flexibilities which are suitable for airport data characteristics. Although the models are widely employed, the theoretical background and especially application guidelines to airport industry are still unclearly present. Therefore, this article intends to describe the conceptual framework and the fundamental theory used for analyzing the Data Envelopment Analysis Models together with presenting their practical guidance in airport contexts through systematic literature review. As such, the knowledge on the issues are well-prepared and comprehensively covered for further application.


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Author Biographies

Thanavutd Chutiphongdech, Srinakharinwirot University

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, International College for Sustainability Studies

Rugphong Vongsaroj, National Institute of Development Administration

Tourism Economics, the Graduate School of Tourism Management




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