The Segmentation of Coffee Drinkers by Using Lifestyle and the Perceived Value of Coffee Shop: A Case Study of International Tourists in Chiang Mai Province

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Raktida Siri


This study aims to segment international tourists by using lifestyle and investigate the perceived value of the coffee shop’s attributes from the perspective of international tourists with diverse lifestyles in Chiang Mai province. Surveys were administered to an accidental sample of 500 respondents in the city of Chiang Mai. Factor analysis and cluster analysis (K-means) were used for data analysis. The results of this study reveal five different lifestyles of tourists; Family-Oriented, Social-Oriented, Quality of life-Oriented, Adventure-Oriented, and Budget-Oriented.The study shows that the respondents valued the coffee shop’s attributes differently according to their diverse lifestyles, which is statistically significant. Overall, international tourists across all lifestyles perceived high value of coffee shops’ service and atmosphere in the highest level. This study provides the coffee shop businesses with insights and understanding of the attributes that can potentially increase the perceived value of coffee shop in order to gain the competitive edge.


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