Development of Online Media Bank in Social Studies for Phrapariyatthidhamma School Teachers, Chiang Mai Province

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The purposes of this research 1) To survey the use demand of online media, social studies for teachers 2) To develop of Online Media Bank and study the usage results of online media bank in social studies for teachers. The population-based study there are 64 social education teachers purposively selected the samples were 50. Using the ADDIE Model to design and develop innovative media. There are steps as follows. Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The research tools were 1) Surveys demand for online media, social studies. 2) Online media bank in social studies. 3) Evaluation of using online media bank in social studies. The statistics used were frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The results were found that Most media using the diagram and select media from the print media the most. Most of the social studies teachers want to use more online media to develop skills in using online media type lessons help teach better especially economics. The development of the online media bank is divided into five topics : Religion, Duty Citizenship, History,  Economics and Geography. Have a lesson plan General Knowledge and Testing. Can be used according to the needs of the teacher. Most of the media is online media from the Internet, computer Assisted Instruction, documentary. Content is knowledge in many forms and is computerized. The results of the evaluation using Online Media Bank in Social Studies for Phrapariyatthidhamma School Teachers, for teachers in the school. The contents, Teachers and the value of the media found that the quality of the media library at a good level.


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