Prototyping for Student Attendance with Facial Recognition Technology

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Pruegprai Pengpara


The objective of this research were to develop an application prototype to verify attendance using facial recognition technology. Study of the student's attendance process found that the problem of attending classes was not punctual. The result shown students did not have the right to take the exam in that particular course and may be a problem in the future. In addition, the problem with the examination of attendance Instructors could not check the complete list at the time of commencement of the course. Attendance verification application prototype using facial recognition technology developed by Java script and Python language for application development which helps teachers and learners helped teaching activities effectively. The results of the research can be summarized as follows: 1) A prototype of an application was verify attendance using facial recognition technology was obtained. Work more efficiently, convenient, faster and get information. Characteristics of attending classes Improved tracking of learners' behavior in class attendance after modifying the attendance verification model 2) The results of the experts' assessment on the attendance verification application model using facial recognition technology in the overall picture got a consistency value of 0.88, indicating that the model worked have been appropriately consistent Appropriate for all users. 3) Satisfaction assessment results of satisfaction with the application model to check attendance using facial recognition technology. Out of 30 users, the overall average was 4.18 percent and the standard deviation was 0.67, indicating a very good level of satisfaction.


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