Industrial Strategy: Development Social Thailand


  • Thongchai Thanasing Ramkhamhaeng University


Industrial Strategy, Development Social Thailand


Thailand has developed economically and sustainable industry. In the first term. Country-driven, with emphasis on agriculture, from the abundant natural resources and aspects of biodiversity. These light industrial development, import substitution followed by a heavy emphasis on industrial development, manufacturing for export, such as electronics goods, petrochemical, automobile and automotive parts of a sequence. However, in the present day country of Thailand faced with 3 traps that barriers to further growth in the future include a middle income country trap (the Middle Income Trap) traps, inequality (Inequality Trap) and traps the development imbalance (Imbalance Trap) it also has structural problems that accumulated for a long time. Result in lower competitiveness.

            The effects of strategic policy.  Concept-driven countries Thailand, according to the country's development model of industrial development strategy 4.0 Thailand society 20-year term in Thailand and Thailand plan to invest in long-term industrial development, 20 years ahead of target, and by guidelines for the country's industrial development in the future, Thailand, which is beneficial to social development and industrial development in Thailand to increase the ability and potential to compete on an international level. In order to generate revenues into the country and create jobs to citizens, as the country's social development, Thailand, wealth, stability and achieving sustainable development of the country's potential as a national strategic framework, 20-year term.






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