Paradigm Shift of Native Koreans Towards Overseas Koreans


  • Suttasinee Kespratoom Suttasinee Kespratoom
  • Teeradet Chuenpraphanusorn Suan Dusit Univeristy
  • Kamonkanok Kamonkanok Suan Dusit University
  • Thanasorn Wisutwarin Suan Dusit Univeristy
  • Pornpit Ngampong Suan Dusit Univeristy


Paradigm shift, Perspective, Gyopo, Overseas Koreans, Korean diaspora


The article discusses the concept of gyopo, which refers to individuals of Korean heritage born or raised outside of South Korea. These gyopos often grapple with questions of cultural identity, language proficiency, and belonging. The perspective of native Koreas towards overseas Koreans varies, with many South Koreans showing curiosity, appreciation for their contributions to diversity, and recognition of their language skills and international experiences. Job opportunities for overseas Koreans in South Korea are abundant, facilitated by visas, language proficiency, and a global perspective that can be applied in various industries. Korean universities are also actively engaging with overseas Koreans, recognizing their value in creating diverse and dynamic learning environments. The South Korean government supports initiatives aimed at attracting overseas talent and helping them settle in the country. Overall, the article aims to explore the origin of gyopo, the perspectives of native Koreans towards overseas Koreans, adaptation of overseas Koreans, and the job opportunities available to overseas Koreans in South Korea.






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