Satisfaction Towards Graphic Design on Cosmetics Packaging: Case Study of Wadee-Orn Herbal Group, T. Rangnok, A. Sam Ngam, Phichit

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เจนยุทธ ศรีหิรัญ


This research aimed to 1) study the demands and guidelines for cosmetics packaging design of
Wadee-Orn Herbal Group, 2) select a structural package style and design graphic for the cosmetics packaging
used for Wadee-Orn Herbal Group, and 3) evaluate the satisfaction of the manufacturer, consumers and
experts towards the cosmetics packaging of Wadee-Orn Herbal Group. The sample group consisted of 216
people and the unstructured interview and questionnaire were used as the research tool. The collected data
was analyzed by percentage, mean and standard deviation. Findings revealed that the manufacturers would
like to have the packaging structure of spa massage cream and scrub that was easily to use in the modern
and unique graphic design. Thus, the researcher designed the 15 and 50 gram of jar and plastic vacuum pump
bottle made from Poly methyl methacrylate respectively. The graphic design concept based on the principle
of nature using lined pattern of ear of paddy to imply the nature. The background was the wooden pattern
using warm colors tone. It was unique with the new design of textile pattern obtaining from the survey on the
background together with the pictures of main ingredients of spa massage cream and scrub which was
modern and showed the uniqueness of Phichit Province. The satisfaction of target group was found to be in
high level (x¯ =4.44, S.D=0.60) towards the use of packaging and marketing.

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