Graphic design and media design for urinary cotinine kit packaging

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Sasiyapa Samranrom
Rattikorn Sirikhan butla


        This research aims to study the packaging style of the test kit in order to design graphic and media for Urinary Cotinine kit as well as to assess the target group’s satisfaction. The research team from the Faculty of Associated Medical Science from Khon Kaen University has successfully researched, experimented and invented the Urinary Cotinine kit. However, in terms of commercial production, it is necessary to design a package that is stylish, convenient to use and causes no confusion. This led to the results of the research as follows.

  1. The Packaging: The material using is paper due to its properties that are suitable to use in terms of durability, comfortability, sizes, packages forming, and opening-closing of the packaging. In Paper packaging production, it is possible to fold when not being in used which could save spaces in the storage and when in transportation. In addition, paper can be cut or fold in different sizes, shapes and it can also be glued. The manufacturer (Faculty of Associated Medical Science from Khon Kaen University) has set up the packaging shape so that the users are able to use and close it by themselves.

  2. The summary regarding Graphic design and Media design for Urinary Cotinine kit consist of 1) The brand and logo on the packaging 2) Color tone 3) Font type 4) Structure and 5) Media for Public Relations. All elements are an essential part of the design of the Urinary Cotinine kit packaging.

  3. From the satisfaction assessment of the sample group which consists of 100 participants who are using or related to the Urinary Cotinine kit. It is found that, in terms of the public relation’s media in sales promotion has the highest average with high level of satisfaction (= 4.48); followed by, in terms of beauty/external features ( = 4.37), in terms of packaging’s material ( = 4.35), in terms of usage ( = 4.30), and in terms of price ( = 4.28), respectively.

Keywords: Packaging, Graphic design, Media design, Urinary cotinine kit


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