The study of guidelines for printmaking on plaswood creation

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Thanormnaun Dechakaneewong


The objectives of the research entitled “The Study of Guidelines for Printmaking on Plaswood Creation” were included: 1) To study the process of printmaking art on plaswood creation. 2) The developed technical process would be uniquely facilitated printmaking creation. 3) To create media in printmaking teaching course for the attentive people. The author collected the data from literature review, interviewing the expert artists, and experiment the comparison between woodcut printmaking and linocut printmaking, in order to develop printmaking on plaswood technique. The results showed that the use of plaswood material mold could affect the creation of printmaking on plaswood. The benefits were included the ability of choosing both indoor and outdoor plaswoods that depended on the requirements of the course which was differentiated in terms of hard and soft mold’s surface, as well as the technique on forming surface from woodcut and drilled motor equipment. As plaswood had potentiality on materials and equipment endurance, heated or fired could be used for tracing which was similar to sketching, also tolerated for special drawing. As a consequence, the plaswood mold was used to serve printmaking process effectively.


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