The Study of the problem and garbage disposal behavior of metropolitan bangkokians for creative design

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Chawannut Dechapattanatadakul
Anucha Pangkesorn


        Creative design Is an article from the project to study the problem and behavior of metropolitan Under the concept by bringing problems that occur in the city which has many problems Traffic congestion mainly due to traffic by car and problems affecting the environment from waste disposal. The revival of this city is a city development that focuses on how to revive the inner space of the city to be of quality. And able to respond to the needs of more users for the sustainability of the city and the well-being of the people living in that city.        

         Current issues around the world to focus on And create an impact on the environment Such as the problem of the large amount of waste that occurs in the city every day, which is up to 4.2 million tons / day and the proper disposal of garbage which may affect the environment in other areas Such as aquatic animals that die from a lot of garbage, an average of 100,000 fish per year.         

        With concepts and objectives for the city people to be aware of the problems caused by garbage That affects the environment in many dimensions and see more value from waste Integrating the lifestyle of urban people by presenting the form of creative design To change attitudes towards waste And create a new kind of awareness

Keywords:  Metropolitan, Garbage, Aquatic animals


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