Development of home decoration products from woven origami technique community products sewing enterprise and artificial fabric Khao Kaew Srisomboon Thung Saliam Sukhothai

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Sakarin Hongrattanavorakit


The objective of this research is to study and develop for a modern style of home decoration product from woven fabric with origami technique by using the unique fabric of Sukhothai to design the product and to promote an elevation additional value, also to propagate technology to The Sewing and Crafting Community Enterprise Group Khao Khaew Srisomboon District, Thung Saliam, Sukhothai Province. The combined research methods were both qualitative and quantitative, interview and questionnaire were also use to survey. The researcher then did a survey with the problems and the needs of the development of home decoration styles, The results were found that the product was produced by a group member according to customer order instead of developing new products, because the member could not design a products to have a modern design and market demand. The research then designed and developed   home  decoration product 3 of each product such as bedspread set including pillows case and dining table decorations including table runner, placemats, coaster and tissue boxes by using Sukhothai woven fabric for 5 experts to consider in suitable model to arrange and make up product prototype. Then evaluate the product with The Sewing and Crafting Community Enterprise Group found that at the highest level, the satisfaction level was at the highest towards the expertise, content, convenient and the propagation the technology to The sewing and Crafting Community Enterprise Group.


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Sakarin Hongrattanavorakit

Faculty of Home Economics at Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakho


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