Modular system for Outdoor furniture in Larn Hin korn Wat Panyanant Ram Area

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Thirarat Srikhongchan


This research article is a study of outdoor furniture with a modular system in the area of Wat Panyanantaram Temple the objective was to study the shape of outdoor furniture in the curved stone courtyard area and apply the modular system (modular unit) for use in designing and arranging furniture in accordance with the environment in the research area the process of conducting research is as follows:         1.Gather information on physical and modular systems from important documents and design research.         2.Gather information from the local survey. The research area’s context was collected to be used as interviews on issues related to design, experts, and involved parties (Focus Group). Offer a piece of outdoor furniture. In the design proposal, the concept of proper use and size is standard. range of use in various activities according to ergonomic principles Increases the usable space under the seat for placing the user. Furniture styles are independent geometric shapes that can be arranged in a variety of ways according to the research area. Stainless steel has been used. The seat and back are made of artificial wood, using environmentally friendly natural wood dyes. easy to maintain after use Suggestions from the design questionnaire should take into account the limitations of the temple's future user groups. and the proper weight of the furniture to allow the user group to use it suitable for the activities according to their own needs.

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