Collaboration Art in Bann Thungluang Terracotta Community, Keremas District, Sukhothai

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Suthida Ma-on


 This article is the studied of collaboration art genre for the creative research named “The Pilgrimage on the Third Lunar Moth: the Collaboration Art and Relational Realm of the Terracotta Community of Bann Thungluang, Keremas District, Sukhothai Province. The objective of the studied is to 1) analyze collaboration art theory and concluded the characteristic which shows the main idea of the style, and 2) described the process of the collaboration between artist as a practitioner and the collaborators who are the member of Thungluang community. The explanation result of the collaboration art characteristics and core issues has led to the meaning of collaborative practiced process in the terracotta Community of Bann Thungluang. The procedure is occurred with others people by artist using art practice as a tool for social development. The action still emphasizes on the first priority role of artist as a creator and director who manage the collaborative process. The second condition is chosen creative practice area, Thungluang village; where is connected to the artist. It is also related the quality and action of collaborators identification, how to collaborated using terracotta technique and art activities. Finally, the outcome explains the relationship between the collaborative practice process and art objects which are still reveal an art aesthetic within the creative concept framework.

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