Urbanization in Myanmar: The Dynamics of Socio-Economic

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Anuk Pitukthanin


This paper is an attempt to review the urbanization and urban development in Myanmar since the 2010s. This situation is related to the economic and social change in this country.

The analysis of data from documents and interviews with relevant parties found that Myanmar's economic growth since 2010 has led to rapid urbanization, resulting in a rising demand for products and services for the urban lifestyle. On its part, the Myanmar government has given importance to, and laid down a strategy for, the development of the country's central cities and those in its various regions as an essential engine of economic growth.

The growth and urbanization of Myanmar reflect the trends and major challenges facing the country’s socioeconomic situation in the near future. These challenges include the rise of the private sector to assume a leading role in urban development, the problems of migration of people being faced by the major cities, the increase in housing prices, and the socio-economic problems that come with urbanization.


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