Identity and Aesthetics Studies of Animated Feature Films in Thailand during BE 2545-2558

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Nitjung Pantapot


The purpose of this study is to examine the components and structures of Thai animated feature films during BE 2545-2558. Research process is to review documents to generate questions for interviewing the creators in order to synthesize identities and esthetics. Data accuracy was achieved through expert group meetings. The identity of nine Thai animated feature films was revealed as having the following the content aesthetics. They have a unique identity style that can represent Thai culture; main concepts adopted from literatures or retelling well-known stories; the stories about families and adventures; the plots based on a non-complicated storyline, followed by a narrative process; use of conflict between characters; one-dimension depth of most characters; and moral and ethical aspects included in the content with intelligence used to solve problems rather than power to motivate among the target audience the inappropriate behavior avoidance, fear-facing courage, and perseverance to success. As for design aesthetics of films, the 3-dimensional computer graphic techniques was used with cut and virtual scenes. Moreover, the characteristics of the characters are twisted, the shapes of most characters are round, the character designs are not clearly Thai but prone to be international, and the background designs present Thai architectures in the forms of virtual images. Regarding painting, Thai paintings are referred. Movements are on 3-dimensional areas and made with computer programs with 24 frames per second. Most voices were recorded from famous actors in order to present emotions and facilitate animation creations. The soundtracks were originally composed in order to meet the stories and public relations strategies.


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