Evidence from the Survey of Post-Retirement Employment Decisions

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Pisut Kulthanavit
Nongnuch Soonthornchawakan


This research studied the supply of old-age labor (more than 50 years old) and the demand for old-age labor. We conducted a field survey by interviewing workers and employers in 3 sectors: the manufacturing sector, the wholesale-retail trade sector, and the hotel-restaurant sector. We also interviewed representatives from related organizations. The survey result indicated that most old-age workers wanted to continue working and most employers wanted to hire them. Some workers wanted to continue working at their current workplace and some wanted to set up their own business. However, the employers wanted to hire old-age workers for some positions. Thus, the government should implement the incentives to motivate the employers to hire the old-age workers and the incentives for the old-age workers to continue working after their retirement.


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