A Causal Relationship of Marketing Communication upon Customer Relationship Management Process: A Case Study of Watsons Group, Thailand

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Krisda Tanchaisak
Rosechongporn Komolsevin


This research aimed particularly to investigate the causal relationship between marketing communication (MC) efforts and customer relationship management (CRM) processes.  The population in this study was Watsons’ customers aging 15 years old and over residing in Bangkok.  The 400 sample was recruited using simple random sampling technique. The questionnaire consisted of 3 parts.  The first part was demographic questions. The second part was five-point Likert scales eliciting the perceived importance of Watsons’ marketing communication efforts.  The third part was five-point Likert scales exploring Watsons’ perceived customer relationship management process.  Cronbach’s alphas of marketing communication efforts and customer relationship management process scales were .819 and .907 respectively. Multiple regression analysis revealed a significant influence of direct marketing efforts and sales promotion on four aspects of CRM:  Database, Technology, Action or activities, and Customer Retention, while minimal-to-none effects were derived from personal selling, advertising, and public relations. An interesting finding was that personal selling could not predict Watsons’ action program to strengthen the relationship with its customers, nor could public relations and advertising predict Watsons’ customer retention.


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