Factors Affecting Chinese Consumers’ Willingness to Repurchase Thai Products

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Yolamas Jeerasantikul
Chenglin Liao


Many Thai brands, such as Jim Thomson’s Thai silk product, are widely recognized in quality and unique design as well-known Asian and strong international life style brand. Particularly, in the Chinese market, social factors such as reference group and satisfaction in Thai culture have potential influence on brand awareness and value perception of Thai products. In particular, the growth of Chinese tourists in Thailand plays an important role of word-of-mouth in the advertisement to family members and friends, as well as through blogs. Perception of Thai culture is highly correlated with Chinese consumers’ satisfaction with their decisions to purchase Thai product’s, as well as their intention to purchase Thai products online. Hence, the factors affecting consumers’ willingness to repurchase Thai product create brand loyalty and purchase satisfaction. The objective of this study is to investigate the factors that influence Chinese consumers’ willingness to repurchase Thai product. Data used in this research were collected from a randomly selected 303 samples of consumers who had purchased Thai products. Data analyses by descriptive statistic, Correlation Analysis and Multiple Regression were performed.


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