A Study of Logistics Management Components for Sustainable Tourism in Satun Geopark


  • Phannipha Anuruksakornkul Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Burapha University
  • Suwimon Hengpattana Faculty of Economics, Srinakharinwirot University




Satun Geopark, Sustainable Tourism, Components, Logistic Management for Tourism


A study of logistics management components for sustainable tourism in Satun Geopark to find a sustainable logistics management approach for Satun Geopark. This research is a qualitative research. The secondary data used in this analysis are from Satun Geopark management master plan, Satun tourism information, Satun provincial strategic development plan, and documents of the Department of Mineral Resources.  The primary data on the supply side used in this analysis are the onsite survey in the linked area total of 28 sites of Satun Geopark listed as UNESCO Global Geosites, and the executives, and officers’ in-depth interviews from both public and private sectors. The primary data on the demand side used in this paper is the survey from more than 400 tourists. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and content analysis.

The research findings present four components of logistic management for sustainable tourism: transportation, amenities, geological resources and landscape, and environmental management in which all features adhere to the principles of sustainable development, applying information technology and tourism innovation.The recommendations for logistic management for sustainable tourism in Satun Geopark classified into four components are 1) transformation: each LAO in the Satun Geopark invests in public transportation services in the form of a unique wooden minibus, Satun Geopark Association creates the Geopark “Grab & Guide” tourist service application 2) Amenities: Satun Geopark has to build a network with the communities to create services such as homestays, Halal symbol at the hotels and restaurants. The mobile networks, internet, and WIFI have to be improved to cover all areas 3) Natural Resources and Landscape: Geological resources and landscape are including natural areas, geological areas, cultural heritage, and landscape design. Satun Geopark has excellent geological resources and landscapes and has reasonable management. Evaluate the tourists’willingness to pay to determine the appropriate National Park and geosites. Manage the entrance fee collection system efficiently and can be verified. There must be the integration of collaboration among the departments and agreement to develop the geosites in the same direction 4) Environmental management: the LAOs must be responsible for preventing pollution, especially during the tourist season with many tourists.


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