Management of Limited Partnership

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Chirawat Sinchai
จิรวัสส์ สินไชย



                    This thesis aim to study Limited Partnership’s management in the extent of relationship between limited partnership itself and third party person that what kind of managing partner’s affair bind the partnership and in case of limited partnership taking part into partnership’s affair, what is the format and extent of this matter.

                    From the research, there is some argument that what principle should be applied in the matter of managing partner’s affair, between doctrine of privity of ordinary course of management of partnership and partnership business objectives. There is also some issue about limited partner who take part in partnership’s business in article 1088 of Thailand Civil and Commercial Code.  which are what is “taking part in partnership’s business” and if limited partner takes part into partnership’s business, what principle should be applied to this matter, between agent law and partnership law, moreover, the extent and liability of taking part partner issue is also included.


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