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This article aims to study on the protection of rights of LGBTI prisoners in Thailand
by comparing to the legal and regulatory measures adopted in overseas jurisdictions namely America, England and Australia. LGBTI prisoners have special needs which are much different from those of other prisoners. Hence, in order to provide such group with equal treatment, LGBTI prisoners should be ensured of appropriate treatment corresponding to their special needs. However, up to date Thailand has no provisions of laws and a written guidelines to address LGBTI prisoners issue also none to be used as a standard practice for all prisons. The absence of the standard practice leads to variation of treatment by each local prison. Most local prisons currently conduct the treatment based on prisoners’ gender assigned at birth (male and female). As a result, the LGBTI prisoners’ rights are not protected as they should. According to the study, such form of treatment is not in line with the international standards which require the state to develop policies to ensure that the procedures relating to the LGBTI prisoners viz. gender identification, searching in person and custody room should be appropriate to the prisoners’ gender identity and satisfied their distinct type of needs. Therefore, Thailand should enact specific provision of law to certify and protect the LGBTI prisoners’ rights including prescribe policies and procedures on treatment of LGBTI prisoners to be implemented as a standard for each prison.



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