Ellen White’s Concepts On Mental Health Compared With Psychology And The Health Sciences

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Joy C. Kurian


The unique features of Ellen White’s writings are that they are over 100 years ahead of her time. Her writings contained information not known by the scientists and psychologists of that era and as such, many people have asked, “How could information written so many years ago have value today”? The truth is that many of the principles presented by Ellen White have stood the test of time and have been verified by science in remarkable ways. This paper makes an attempt of comparing some of the writings of Ellen White on mental health with psychology and the health sciences. After presenting a brief biographical sketch of Ellen White, the author clarifies the concepts of: Mind, Health, Mental Health and Mental Disorder. He then presents the modern perspectives on psychological disorders and makes a comparative study of the relationships of the body and mind by Ellen White and the Psychologists and Psychotherapists of our time. The article briefly covers certain aspects of mental health and emotion illnesses and warns Adventist teachers of Psychology of the growing dangers in their own and allied fields. In conclusion the author presents views on the integration of faith and learning and affirms that a study of the life and writings of Ellen White makes it obvious that her source of information was from God.


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