Pastoral Care Programme: A University Teachers and Students’ Perspective

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Josephine Hungyo
Oktavian Mantiri


The definition of the term pastoral care varies. However there is a common thread in it, which is providing a holistic education of a person. In this study, the views of 38 students and teachers, participants of a private university in Thailand, were explored with regard to the pastoral care programme and services. A questionnaire was used to gather the data. The findings indicate that students were happy with the care they received from the university. Peer relationships were paramount and these defined the positive or negative experiences the students had. However, the teachers pointed out that while pastoral care programme existed in the university it still needed to be improved. Many felt that they were working at full capacity and were so busy that it was impossible to implement any pastoral care initiatives if it involved additional demands of their time. In general, both groups of participants acknowledged that there is still room for improvement.


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