Book Review: Christian Movements in Southeast Asia A Theological Exploration

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Gerard Bernard


Christian Movements in Southeast Asia is the second book in CSCA Christianity in Southeast Asia Series.
In fulfilling the twofold purpose of the Series—to encourage theological reflections by local Christian
theologians and to introduce Southeast Asian Christianity thought to the wider audience—this book is
set on a theological journey to understand Christian movements in Southeast Asia at the beginning of
the twenty-first century until the present. This journey, according to Poon, requires the local Christian
theologians ‘to deepen the understanding and expression of the theological nature of Christian movements
in their lands, to encourage their growth, and help ensure that these newer expressions and practices are
connected to the central calling of the whole church’ (x).


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Poon, Michael Nai-Chiu, ed. Christian Movements in Southeast Asia: A Theological Exploration. Singapore: Genesis Books: Trinity Theological College, 2010. 180 pages.